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Fitness or gym gloves are important part of almost every martial arts practitioner gloves collection. Aside from gloves for MMA, Boxing or Muay Thai, gym gloves are widely used by martial artists around the world. If we put fight game aside, MMA training contains much more work than striking and grappling. Conditioning, fitness and weight lifting goes side by side with martial arts techniques training. Do you know any martial artist who doesn´t lift some weights from time to time? Or maybe prefer street workout using only body weight? No matter what kind of activity someone prefer, gym or fitness gloves certainly comes in handy offering better grip, less pain and at the same time, more comfort for your hand. Also, fitness gloves provide some protection to your wrist, especially for palm and fingers. With good gym gloves blisters wont bother your fingers and palm any more.

Choose your pair of gloves at MMA-Universe from our Gloves Collection. For bodybuilding, fitness, bike riding or any other activity, we are sure you´ll find here perfect gloves for your needs. Browse our gloves collection, compare products and choose the one that suits you most.

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